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News by Country: Hong Kong

28 July 2020

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Hong Kong

·     Developers’ rental incomes shrink as tenants bail amid economic slump (SCMP, 8 June 2020) 

·     Permanent residents can get HK$10,000 cash handout from July 8 (SCMP, 8 June 2020) 

·     Support scheme planned for casuals in construction industry (SCMP, 6 June 2020) 

·     Hong Kong’s currency soars, defying speculation of capital flight (SCMP, 6 June 2020) 

·     Hong Kong civil servants will not get pay rise for first time in 11 years (SCMP, 3 June 2020) 

·     Hong Kong retail sales still falling but April figures offer signs of hope (SCMP, 1 June 2020) 

·     ‘I’m crying inside’: desperate Hong Kong markets in crisis as sales dry up (SCMP, 27 May 2020) 

·     Hong Kong law firms expect a wave of cases as landlords sue tenants for rent (SCMP, 27 May 2020) 

·     Deliveroo couriers in Hong Kong take protest over new pay policy into third day (SCMP, 26 May 2020) 

·     122 days of Sars vs Covid-19 - which is worse for Hong Kong’s markets? (SCMP, 23 May 2020) 

·     Hongkongers returning from mainland end up homeless, jobless (SCMP, 23 May 2020) 

·     Hong Kong’s jobless rate rises to 5.2 per cent amid pandemic (SCMP, 19 May 2020) 

·     Hong Kong employers who sack workers but apply for wage subsidies will face cash penalties: labour minister Law Chi-kwong (SCMP, 18 May 2020) 

·     Government investment critical to restore public confidence during pandemic, leading economist says (SCMP, 18 May 2020) 

·     Hong Kong urged to drop prosecutions of leading activists, not to silence peaceful protect (UN, 13 May 2020) 

·     Left out of Hong Kong relief package, asylum seekers struggle with higher food prices, lack of masks (SCMP, 10 May 2020) 

·     Hong Kong bosses push for minimum wage freeze amid Covid-19 struggles (SCMP, 5 May 2020)

·     Hong Kong economy shrinks record 8.9% in first quarter amid coronavirus - worst on record (Hong Kong Free Press, 5 May 2020) 

·     Hong Kong retailers turn to staff-run online shops as sales slump (SCMP, 4 May 2020)

·     “Prohibition on Group Gathering” Suppresses Public Demonstration The Union Front Persist with May Day Street Counters (HKCTU, 3 May 2020) 

·     How coronavirus pushes Hong Kong domestic workers into debt traps (SCMP, 3 May 2020)

·     Rising food prices during pandemic add to burdens of Hong Kong’s poor, with more seeking handouts (SCMP, 3 May 2020)

·     Hong Kong's new labor unions aim to reshape political landscape (Nikkei, 2 May 2020) 

·     Hong Kong facing threat of worst recession ever, finance chief Paul Chan warns, as he predicts coronavirus will have ‘long-lasting’ impact (SCMP, 29 April 2020) 

·     Hong Kong public services to resume next week, says city’s leader Carrie Lam but news on whether social distancing will end (SCMP, 28 April 2020) 

·     Hong Kong unemployment rate rises for sixth straight month in March amid pandemic (SCMP, 20 April 2020) 

·     All the gigs are gone: Hong Kong freelancers, casual workers feel bypassed for subsidies as coronavirus pandemic batters economy (SCMP, 20 April 2020) 

·     Enough data not available to enlist Covid-19 as an occupational disease, Hong Kong labour minister says, as unionists accuse government of failing to protect workers (SCMP, 19 April 2020) 

·     Expect Hong Kong unemployment rate to rise for sixth straight month amid coronavirus pandemic, top officials warn (SCMP, 19 April 2020) 

·     Hong Kong’s jobless burn savings waiting for government help and courses, saying pandemic relief measures overlook them (SCMP, 18 April 2020) 

·     Hong Kong workers on unpaid leave unsure they qualify for pandemic subsidies (SCMP, 18 April 2020) 

·     Hong Kong orders banks to grant unprecedented six-month loan repayment holiday to help small business survive slump (SCMP, 18 April 2020) 

·     Hong Kong’s HK$137.5 billion Covid-19 safety net not big enough, Legislative Council members say (SCMP, 17 April 2020) 

·     Hong Kong finance chief rules out issuing bonds to pay for pandemic deficit (SCMP, 16 April 2020)

·     Workers brace for wage losses if construction shuts down (BWI, 15 April 2020) 

·     85% Workers in Hong Kong Affected by COVID-19! HKCTU Proposes Cash Allowance to Workers NOW!!! (HKCTU, 15 April 2020)

·     Hong Kong welfare minister warns against employer cheating as details of HK$80 billion subsidy plan unveiled (SCMP, 14 April 2020)

·     Rough ride for Hong Kong cabbies: incomes shrink as passengers stay home to avoid coronavirus (SCMP, 11 April 2020) 


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