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6 August 2020


(COVID Update by ACTU at

¬∑     Email your MP: Demand paid pandemic leave (ACTU)

¬∑     List of employers who have agreed to two weeks special leave (ACTU)

¬∑     Paid pandemic win at Spotless (Dandenong, 5 August 2020)

¬∑     Melbourne's stage 4 coronavirus shutdown is hitting workers and business owners in different ways (ABC News, 5 August 2020)

¬∑     Melbourne nurse begged for better protection from coronavirus before her 'worst fear' came true (ABC News, 5 August 2020)

¬∑     83,000 casual jobs in Victoria at risk as shutdown and jobkeeper exclusions bite (The Guardian, 5 August 2020)

¬∑     Federal government announcement has no guarantees for educators (United Workers Union, 5 August 2020)

¬∑     Childcare package bails out employers, leaves workers in the cold (ACTU, 5 August 2020)

¬∑     Virgin Australia to slash 3,000 jobs for slimmed post-coronavirus airline, Tiger brand dumped (ABC News, 5 August 2020)

¬∑     Statement from ACTU President Michele O‚ÄôNeil on Virgin Australia (ACTU, 5 August 2020)

¬∑     Paul Keating attacks Covid-19 super withdrawal scheme as unfair burden on young (The Guardian, 4 August 2020)

¬∑     Former ACTU boss says workers have shouldered enough pandemic costs (The Sydney Morning Herald, 3 August 2020)

¬∑     Victorians to get federal paid pandemic leave disaster payments (The Age, 3 August 2020)

¬∑     Woolies liquor warehouse workers walk off the job after new virus case (The Age, 3 August 2020)

¬∑     Joint letter with ACTU: Federal paid pandemic leave (Mirage News, 3 August 2020)

¬∑     A case is mounting for paid pandemic leave. But it won't be a silver bullet (ABC, 2 August 2020)

¬∑     Melbourne educators could be abandoned without pay (United Workers Union, 2 August 2020)

¬∑     What's behind wave of COVID-19 spreading through Victoria's meatworks? (The Age, 31 July 2020)

¬∑     Spotless laundry shut down due to coronavirus after company tried to force staff to work (ABC, 31 July 2020)

¬∑     Young people need a plan for economic recovery that will deliver jobs (ACTU, 30 July 2020)

¬∑     Early access superannuation scheme estimated to hit $42 billion in coronavirus support (ABC, 30 July 2020)

¬∑     $42 billion ripped from retirement savings in ideological attack (ACTU, 30 July 2020)

¬∑     Spotless takes staff to Fair Work Commission for refusing to come to work after coronavirus outbreak (ABC, 30 July 2020)

¬∑     Turosi Golden Farms abandons workers during COVID-19 outbreak (United Workers Union, 29 July 2020)

¬∑     Scott Morrison opens door to paid pandemic leave for workers needing to self-isolate (The Guardian, 29 July 2020)

¬∑     Government must extend paid pandemic leave to cover all workers (ACTU, 28 July 2020)

¬∑     JobKeeper could have saved university jobs (Australian Associated Press, 28 July 2020)

¬∑     Fair Work Commission awards paid pandemic leave to aged care workers to stop staff going to work sick (ABC, 27 July 2020)

¬∑     Union survey highlights aged care issues (Australian Associated Press, 27 July 2020)

¬∑     Government must disclose plan for super guarantee (ACTU, 27 July 2020)

¬∑     Woolworths employee wears second badge in attempt to stop customer abuse (Yahoo News Australia, 27 July 2020)

¬∑     How aged care workers felt during the pandemic: new survey (The Australian, 27 July 2020)

¬∑     Dennis Atkins: Morrison government‚Äôs labour law reforms will make a bad system worse (The New Daily, 26 July 2020)

¬∑     Universities could lose 30,000 jobs as COVID-19 hits overseas enrolments (The New Daily, 26 July 2020)

¬∑     500 Woolworths workers walk off for pay equality and secure work (United Workers Union, 24 July 2020)

¬∑     Poll finds 80% support paid pandemic leave (ACTU, 23 July 2020)

¬∑     Morrison must step up to save and create jobs, deliver pandemic leave (ACTU, 23 July 2020)

¬∑     Why a Commonwealth-backed paid pandemic leave scheme makes sense (The New Daily, 23 July 2020)

¬∑     Question marks over future JobSeeker rate (7News, 22 July 2020)

¬∑     Calls for paid pandemic leave grow as Victorian premier links Covid-19 surge to insecure work (The Guardian, 22 July 2020)

¬∑     Companies receiving jobkeeper have laid off more than 700,000 excluded workers (The Guardian, 22 July 2020)


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