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Women powering trade unions in Asia Pacific

17 September 2018

The Platform of Action for Gender Equality (PAGE) for the period 2015 - 2019 sets out a policy framework for ITUC-AP's approach to and wider work on gender equality. It includes strategies and recommended areas of intervention to advance its implementation in the following:

·     Increasing women’s labour force participation and access to decent work;

·     Building a union leadership with a minimum of 30% women representation;

·     Organising informal, precarious and domestic workers; and

·     Recruiting and organising young women workers.


At the ITUC-AP level, PAGE is primarily implemented through the activities of the Gender Equality Activities Department, as well as in the activities of all other Units of the ITUC-AP Secretariat. The ITUC-AP Women’s Committee assists with promoting, monitoring, reviewing and analysing periodic reports and assessing outcomes achieved.


The ITUC-AP Secretariat utilises two complementary approaches to facilitate the achievement of desired outcomes:

·  Explicit integration of gender equality in its policies, programs and projects (gender  mainstreaming); and

·     Support affiliates’ activities and own work to develop or implement national strategies and actions plans which specifically target the promotion of gender equality (targeted measures for women’s empowerment).


Advancing women’s agenda through the ITUC-AP Women’s Committee


The Committee is a regional body composed of women leaders from ITUC-AP’s 59 affiliated organisations in 34 countries in the region.


Meeting annually, the Committee is a key platform for affiliates’ gender focal points to monitor and evaluate progress of gender equality mainstreaming in both the operations of ITUC-AP and affiliates. It provides opportunities for members to share knowledge and tools and showcase best practices, experiences and lessons learned in localising the implementation of PAGE.


Composed of a diverse group of union women leaders and activists, the committee also advises on key actions for strengthening and improving the achievements of the union women movement in the region.

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